Showdown at Sherwood
Sherwood CC, Thousand Oaks, CA
October 28 - November 3, 2019

Parking & Directions

From North or South on the I-101 Freeway to Volunteer Parking at Dicken's Patch

  1. Take the I-101 Freeway North or South
  2. Take Westlake Boulevard exit, EXIT 40, towards CA-23 South (0.42 miles)
  3. Turn LEFT onto South Westlake Boulevard (1.92 miles)
  4. Turn RIGHT onto East Potrero Road (1.77 miles)
  5. East Potrero Road is 0.1 miles past Devonshire Road
  6. Turn LEFT on West Stafford Road

Sherwood Country Club
320 West Stafford Road
Thousand Oaks, CA 91361

Volunteer, Handicap, and General Spectator parking will be located at Dicken’s Patch (LOT 4) in front of the Sherwood Country Club between Stafford and Trentwood Roads on Potrero Road. We would like to encourage all volunteers to walk to the Sherwood Country Club from Dicken’s Patch (LOT 4) if they would like to access the course quickly. VOLUNTEERS DO NOT HAVE TO PAY TO PARK.

THERE WILL BE NO STAIRS TO WALK FROM DICKEN'S PATCH TO THE TENNIS CENTER. Shuttle buses will operate on a 5-minute cycle between the Dicken’s Patch (LOT 4) parking lots and the Main Entrance. We have added shuttle buses to accommodate removal of the stairs. Although the shuttle will be running throughout the day, we would like to encourage volunteers who need to get places quickly the option to walk from Dicken’s Patch (LOT 4) to their assigned destination. Volunteers are reminded that by local ordinance, parking on the streets around the Sherwood Country Club is prohibited.

Due to the unpredictable nature of traffic, please plan to arrive at the volunteer parking lot at least 30 minutes prior to your reporting time. Shuttle hours are subject to change depending on demand. Once a shuttle bus is full, the bus will leave so please be patient and wait for the next bus to arrive.


Monday, October 28th - Thursday, October 31st 

6:00 am - 6:00 pm

Evacuation Vans wil be used in place of shuttles

Friday, November 1st - Sunday, November 3rd 6:00 am - 6:00 pm


UBER/Lyft /Taxi and Rideshare drop offs and pick-ups will be directed to Lot 4 /Dicken’s Patch General Parking in the parking lot in front of the Sherwood Country Club between Stafford and Trentwood Roads on Potrero Road. This lot does not require access to the Sherwood Country Club guard gate and can be reached by Potrero Road. Please drive to the front of the lot to the Will Call/Ticketing Trailer to depart your vehicle or meet your ride. There will be a RideShare sign denoting the pick-up and drop-off point for guests. 

Address: On Potrero Road between Stafford and Trentwood Drive, Thousand Oaks, CA


Handicap parking will be available against the fence in the Dicken’s Patch general spectator and volunteer parking lot (LOT 4) and in the VIP parking pass required parking (LOT 3) lots near the Sherwood CC Tennis facilities. Only vehicles with state issued decal/hang tags will be permitted access to park in handicap spots. Once patrons have parked, attendents will instruct them where to meet the handicap shuttle for transportation to the golf course.