Showdown at Sherwood
Sherwood CC, Thousand Oaks, CA
October 28 - November 3, 2019

Volunteer Autograph Policy

The PGA TOUR will continue to have a No On-Course Autograph Policy in place for both practice rounds and competition days. In response to the growing number of comments and concerns from participating players surrounding Volunteers soliciting autographs, especially when taking advantage of the access they are granted in a working capacity, this policy will be strictly enforced among all volunteers. Volunteers must adhere to the No Autograph policy at ALL times (this includes taking selfies/photographs). There will be a zero tolerance policy, if you are reported asking for autographs your credential will be removed and you will be asked to vacate the golf course. In order to enforce this, Volunteers are also required to refrain from autograph seeking at any time they are dressed in uniform on site. Autographs will be permitted when a volunteer is off shift, wearing his/her street clothes, and in a designated autograph zone. The No On-Course Autograph Policy is meant to enhance the experience and safety for all parties, we appreciate your cooperation.  

Best Places to "Score" an Autograph

  • True golf fans know that the practice area is a must-stop at the Invesco QQQ Championship. You can grab a spot up against the rope line and be this close to the PGA TOUR Champions’ best as they hone their craft…sometimes for hours on end, not to mention the fact that players usually stop and sign autographs as players come and go.
  • Autograph Zone – To provide the PGA TOUR professionals with an environment free of interruptions, autographs are not allowed during tournament play. After the conclusion of play or suspension of play, golfers may sign autographs at their leisure on the Putting Green located near the 1st tee. Please respect the players’ on-course concentration and do not ask them for autographs during their rounds. Official play ends once the contestant has returned from signing his scorecard at the scoring tent.