Showdown at Sherwood
Sherwood CC, Thousand Oaks, CA
October 28 - November 3, 2019

How to Register to Volunteer Online

Volunteering for the 2019 Invesco QQQ Championship tournament is fun and easy. Volunteers can sign up through an on-line application link listed below . Volunteers must purchase a volunteer package every year for the Invesco QQQ Championship. If you volunteered in 2018, please plan on using the same uniform from the 2019 event. Additional shirts or outerwear pieces are available for purchase. As part of the registration process, each volunteer will select whether they are a “New” or Returning” volunteer.

The package pricing for a "New" Volunteer is $75.00.

The package price for a "Returning" Volunteer is $35.00.

There will also be a place to note if volunteers are students or are affiliated with a charity organization. Student and Charity volunteers must enter a code given to the enlisted school or charity organization to provide to their volunteers to acquire a discounted volunteer package fee. All volunteers must select one preferred committee and two additional committees in case the first and second committee choice preferences are not available. Printed applications are available by contacting the Championship Office at 818.284.4646.

How to Register Using the On-Line Application

 Please click on the application link below:


Select whether you are a “New Volunteer” or a “Returning Volunteer”. The package pricing for the 2019 Volunteer uniform package is $75.00 for a “New” volunteer and $35.00 for a “Returning” volunteer. The pricing for “Student” and “Charity” uniform packages are $45.00. If you are a Chairman or a Vice Chair, please select the appropriate application type as you will receive a different uniform package.

2019 Invesco QQQ Championship Volunteer Requirements:

  1. Purchase a 2019 Invesco QQQ Championship Package
  2. Work a minimum of two (2) full days. Shifts vary in length, anywhere from four (4) to six (6) hours depending on committee assignment. Your chairman will contact you to confirm your scheduling preferences and availability in October. Bonus Golf is awarded to volunteers that work three (3) days or more via a lottery system.
  3. Have the stamina to stand or walk for extended periods during shift.
  4. Must be 16 years of age by October 28, 2019

Reasons to Volunteer:

  • Behind-the-scenes, unparalleled PGA TOUR Champions experience
  • Join our 550-member strong volunteer team
  • Meet like minded individuals who enjoy sports within your community
  • Contribute to the local community
  • Opportunity to purchase discounted golf apparel
  • Complimentary Breakfast and Lunch during shifts
  • Invitation to the Volunteer Appreciation Party on Saturday, October 26th